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The Best Pasture-Raised Eggs in Texas

Raised outdoors on fresh grass 24/7

Hens fed 100% Certified Organic Feed

Locally raised in Colleyville, TX using
Regenerative Farming Practices

Say goodbye to grocery store eggs! 👋🏽

Try JMZ Farms eggs for a unique taste! Our hens are raised with care, hormone- and vaccine-free, on a natural USDA certified organic diet, resulting in flavorful eggs with rich flavors, beautiful orange yolks, and essential nutrients, just as nature intended.


Treat yourself to a taste of authenticity, and elevate your culinary creations with my farm-fresh eggs. 

JMZ Farms Eggs

Regenerative Farming

Embracing the future with regenerative farming - nurturing the land, nurturing your health
From my hands to yours - savor the authentic essence of hand-gathered goodness
Delivered to you
Convenience meets farm-fresh excellence - enjoy the luxury of locally sourced eggs delivered right to your doorstep.
100% Recycable 
Committing to sustainability, one carton at a time - my packaging is 100% recyclable for a greener tomorrow."

Choose your eggscription

2 Dozen Pasture -Raised Eggs



Every month

Receive 24 delicious eggs every month

Valid until canceled

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Best Value

4 Dozen Pasture-Raised Eggs



Every month

Experience the versatility of 48 farm-fresh eggs every month

Valid until canceled

+ Free Delivery 🚚

📍Colleyville | Southlake | Keller | Trophy Club

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6 Dozen Pasture Raised Eggs



Every month

Discover the Delight of 72 Fresh Farm Eggs every month

Valid until canceled

+ Free delivery 🚚

📍Colleyville | Southlake | Keller | Trophy Club

🚫 Cancel Anytime


JMZ Farms Impact

Veterans Support Initiative – A Share of Every Carton Sale Goes to F.A.R.M.

What is F.A.R.M.?

Founded in 2015 by Army veterans James Jeffers and Steve Smith, F.A.R.M. is a non-profit using agriculture to support veterans in their transition to civilian life, addressing both physical and mental well-being challenges. James and Steve, inspired by their healing journey, aim to assist veterans with health issues and the post-military transition.


Donations crucially fund housing, infrastructure, equipment, and staffing for agricultural training and therapeutic programs at F.A.R.M., building a supportive community for veterans to participate in transformative programs, fostering resilience, and empowering them to find purpose, educate others, and pursue new professions.

The Best Eggs Ever.

Unique Colored Eggs 🤩

Savor JMZ Farms' exceptional, vibrant eggs – each shell is a canvas reflecting the natural richness of our organic, pasture-raised eggs, bringing a burst of color to your plate from our happy, healthy hens.

IMG_5805 2.heic

Happy Hens 😊

Joyful hens, free to roam in spacious pastures, ensure stress-free living. Savor guilt-free, farm-fresh eggs knowing you support happy hens with every crack.

Regenerative Farming 🌱

JMZ Farms practices regenerative agriculture, using nature's power to restore land health, sequester carbon, promote biodiversity, and produce nutrient-dense organic eggs for a sustainable food system.

JMZ Farm Promise 🤞🏽
  • Reliable Deliveries
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What Texans are Saying

"JMZ Farms has the best eggs around! They are always fresh, taste amazing, and I love that they vary in beautiful natural colors. Not to mention Michael provides the best customer service! I will keep recommending to all my family and friends."

"JMZ provides the best organic and natural grown eggs I've had, all natural protein, no process ingredients added. Straight from the bird definitely will be keeping my business always!"

Henri W.

I’ve been getting eggs from here recently and they are amazing!!! Best I’ve ever had and I will never go back to getting them from the grocery store again. My kids love them as well. Highly recommend!!!

Marissa B.

Maddie M.

P1000099 3.JPEG

About Me

"Providing a connection to real whole foods"

JMZ Farms is where my passion for ethical farming and farm-fresh goodness comes to life! I'm Michael Jimenez, the proud founder and CEO of this regenerative farmstead dream. From the very beginning, my mission has been clear - to provide my customers with eggs of the highest quality while nurturing the land and respecting my hens. With a commitment to full transparency, sustainable practices, and the joy of happy hens, I invite you to join me on this incredible journey to elevate your culinary experience and make a positive impact together.


Common Questions 🤔

What does "organic pastured raised" mean?

Organic pastured raised" refers to eggs produced by hens that have access to outdoor pastures and are fed an organic diet. These hens are not confined to cages and have the freedom to roam and forage for food, resulting in healthier and more flavorful eggs.

Are your hens humanely treated?

Absolutely! I believe in providing my hens with the utmost care and respect. They have access to spacious pastures, natural sunlight, and fresh air, promoting their physical and emotional well-being. I follow ethical and humane practices, ensuring our hens lead happy and healthy lives.

How often are your eggs collected and delivered?

My eggs are hand-gathered daily from the nest boxes to ensure maximum freshness. We offer regular weekend deliveries ONLY to subscribers, making it convenient for you to enjoy our farm-fresh eggs.

What do your hens eat on the pasture?

My hens enjoy a diverse and natural diet while roaming freely on the pasture. They forage for grass, insects, and seeds, which are complemented with a specially formulated organic feed that ensures they receive essential nutrients to maintain their health and produce nutritious eggs.

How do you ensure the eggs are truly organic?

Although JMZ Farms is not Certified Organic YET I do adhere to strict organic farming standards in Texas. My hens are raised without synthetic pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones. 

What makes your eggs different from store-bought eggs?

My eggs stand out due to my commitment to quality, ethics, and taste. The organic pastured raised approach allows my hens to live a natural and stress-free life, resulting in eggs that are more flavorful and nutritionally dense. Additionally, my transparent farming practices give you peace of mind, knowing the origin of your food and supporting sustainable agriculture.

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