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Want to Volunteer?

JMZ Farms is always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated friends to join the volunteer flock!

JMZ Farms needs you!

At JMZ Farms, I'm on a mission to redefine sustainable agriculture. My commitment to organic, pasture-raised eggs reflects my values of integrity, sustainability, and community. By prioritizing environmental stewardship and animal welfare, I produce high-quality eggs while nurturing the land and fostering local connections using organic methods and regenative farming practices. Join me in promoting a healthier planet, one egg at a time!

Why volunteer at JMZ Farms?

  • Learn about organic farming practices firsthand, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in sustainable agriculture.

  • Connect with nature by working outdoors in my beautiful pasture-based farm environment, surrounded by fresh air and natural beauty.

  • Support sustainable agriculture initiatives that promote ethical farming practices, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare.

  • Make a tangible difference in the community by contributing to the production of high-quality, ethically sourced eggs while fostering local connections and community engagement.

Volunteer Opportunites

These are some of the task volunteers will help with

  • Assisting with moving chicken tractors

  • Egg Collection and cleaning

  • Feeding and caring for the chickens

  • Maintaining the farm grounds

  • Assisting with on-farm projects


  • No prior farming experience is necessary to volunteer at JMZ Farms; I welcome individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds. However, a passion for sustainable agriculture and a willingness to learn is required.

  • Volunteers of all ages are welcome to join us at JMZ Farms, although minors under the age of 18 must require parental consent or supervision depending on the tasks involved and maturity.

How to Volunteer

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