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Cultivating Dreams- My Big Why Behind JMZ Farms

Jumping into the farming world has been an amazing and satisfying adventure for me, leading the way at JMZ Farms. In this blog, I'm excited to share my Big Why—the driving force that shapes my farm goals and dreams. Join me on this exploration of motivations, aspirations, and the core values guiding JMZ Farms toward becoming a beacon of conscientious farming.

Why Farming Matters to Me: Cultivating a Future

Farming is not just a profession for me; it's a calling that brings immense fulfillment. As I immerse myself in the world of agriculture, I can't help but recognize the pressing need for new, passionate individuals to join this vital industry. The average age of a farmer in the United States is around 60 years old, highlighting the urgency to cultivate a new generation of farmers.

The joy I find in cultivating the land responsibly, employing sustainable practices, and being part of a movement prioritizing organic food quality, environmental stewardship, and community engagement is not just personal; it's a contribution to addressing a critical gap. The knowledge that my farm plays a role in supporting local economies and fostering a greater appreciation for where our food comes from adds a profound dimension to my journey.

As I reflect on the aging demographic of farmers, it becomes clear that we need more individuals, like myself, to embrace the challenges and opportunities that farming presents. By entering this profession, I not only fulfill a personal dream but also become part of a movement to rejuvenate and revitalize an industry that is the backbone of our


Dreaming Big with JMZ Farms: Nurturing a Sustainable Future

At the heart of my dream is the vision of creating a sustainable and impactful agricultural operation at JMZ Farms. I envision a thriving community of 10 million organically raised hens, grazing freely on pasture in the heart of Texas. Collaborating with small family farms is integral to my vision, emphasizing the strength of partnerships and shared values within the agricultural community.

Starting with a modest flock of 150 hens is not just about the numerical beginning: it's also about setting the stage for a new generation of farmers. The phased approach I've chosen ensures sustainable and manageable scaling of operations, fostering an environment where young farmers can enter the industry with confidence. This approach aligns not only with the ultimate vision for JMZ Farms but also contributes to the broader goal of cultivating a diverse and dynamic farming community.

The Benefits of Farming for Me: Bridging Generational Gaps

JMZ Farms is not just about personal gains for me; it's a mission to enhance diets and support local communities in Texas. My goal is to achieve a full-time income, dedicating all my time  and efforts to selling high-quality organic pasture-raised eggs. Using the income from eggs and other farm products I will expand JMZ Farms but also create opportunities for new and young farmers to thrive independently.

Beyond the financial aspect, the benefits of farming extend to bridging generational gaps. By entering the farming profession, I aim to inspire and encourage more individuals, especially the younger generation, to see the beauty and significance of cultivating the land. Becoming a farmer is not just a career choice; it's a contribution to ensuring the continuity and sustainability of agriculture for the benefit of future generations.

Reflecting My Core Values: Shaping a Sustainable Legacy

The core values that guide my life seamlessly extend into the operations at JMZ Farms.

At the core of my beliefs is a commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving environment for future generations. This commitment is a response to the urgency of filling the void left by the aging farmer demographic.

Raising animals on pasture not only aligns with my values but also provides a unique opportunity for the land to be repurposed for various agricultural products over generations. The emphasis on responsible land stewardship is a testament to my belief that, when cared for correctly, the earth can continue to yield bountiful harvests without harm.

By integrating these values into my farm dream, I aim to contribute not only to the present but also to the enduring legacy of agriculture. This commitment to sustainability, transparency, and regenerative practices underscores my vision for JMZ Farms, ensuring that it becomes a model of conscientious farming for the benefit of both the current and future generations.

Cultivating a Future Together

JMZ Farms is more than a place where hens roam freely; it's a testament to my commitment to a sustainable, transparent, and regenerative agricultural future. As the farm grows, so does its impact on local communities, small farms, and the broader landscape of farming. This journey is not just about reaching numerical milestones but creating a lasting legacy that transcends generations—an embodiment of dreams cultivated with purpose and passion. Join me in this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and connected food system, where new farmers are the lifeblood that ensures the industry flourishes for years to come.

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