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What does JMZ mean?

Hey there, fellow farm enthusiasts! I'm Michael Jimenez, the enthusiastic, animal-loving, and entrepreneurial 22-year-old behind JMZ Farms, and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you today. So, buckle up, and let's dive into the world of JMZ Farms together!


JMZ – it's more than just a set of letters; it's a symbol of my family name, Jimenez. From the very beginning, running this farm has been more than just a job to me – it's my passion, my purpose, and my life's work all rolled into one.


Michael holding his first baby chick Peaches
Michael with Peaches, the first baby chick!

Let me take you back to when it all began. Picture this: a young 12-year-old me, sitting in church on Easter Sunday, and what do I get handed? A baby chick! That moment sparked something inside me, and before I knew it, I was immersed in the world of poultry farming. From that one chick named 'Peaches,' my love for farming blossomed, and soon, I found myself with a flock of my own.

Fast forward a couple of years in 8th grade, I found myself in a business technology class, tasked with creating a company logo. I already knew what my future held – it was going to be all about farming. As a kid, I was always inspired by legendary company stories like Ford and McDonald's, so I decided to put my name front and center just like them. And so, Jimenez Farms was born!


But the journey didn't stop there. In high school, I joined the Business Professional of America club, diving headfirst into competitions and learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Armed with the knowledge and passion for farming, I crafted a business plan that would later become the blueprint for Jimenez Farms. I truly believed and saw the vision of my future farm when I won first place in the state of Texas in the entrepreneurship category with Jimenez Farms.


After winning competitions and refining my vision, I realized there was a small hurdle – the pronunciation of my last name. After discussing the issue with my uncle Nick, he had the brilliant idea – why not simplify it to JMZ? And just like that, 'Jimenez Farms' transformed into 'JMZ Farms,' making it easier for everyone to remember and pronounce.


As JMZ Farms grew, so did my commitment to providing the highest quality, organic, pasture-raised eggs possible. I dove into research, determined to give consumers the best of the best from a trustworthy source. From raising 30 hens in my backyard to expanding to over 200 on 5 acres in Colleyville, TX, every step was driven by my mission to revolutionize the agriculture industry.

Hens eating from the feeders on pasture
JMZ Farms Pasture Raised Hens

And let's not forget about JMZ Farms merchandise! It's not just about showing support for our farm – it's about joining a movement towards sustainable, organic farming practices. So, why not grab yourself some gear and become a part of the JMZ Farms family?

 Well, folks, that's a glimpse into the heart and soul of JMZ Farms. I hope you're as excited about our journey as I am. Until next time, keep spreading the love and embracing the farm life!

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